Trashpays Agent

Who is an agent?

An agent is an entity(individual or businesses) that helps in the discovery, facilitation and sale of trash items on our platform.

How can i be an agent?

1. Sign up and register a free account on our website.

2. Fill and submit the "Become an Agent form" 

3. Receive and fill the agent "terms and conditions" form

4. Get approved and assigned an agent ID


1. All payments must be made through the Trashpays online payment portal or via mobile transfer to the Trashpays company account. 

2. Do not, in any case, transact directly with buyers/sellers(we shall not be liable for any losses you incur for such activities)

3. Trashpays charges a 10% commission on every sale.

Benefits of being an agent

1.You get a 2.5% agent referral commission on every trash sale

2. Access to buyers/sellers nationwide

3. Company bonuses and incentives

Trash pickup

Users can donate their trash to agents within their location and earn points that can be used to purchase phone credit, data, electricity payments, and cable tv payments.

Learn more  How to become an agent(video)


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