Payment Policy


All payments for trash purchases must be paid through the TRASHPAYS online payment portal or to TRASHPAYS company account via e-transfer or cash deposit. 

Acct Name: TRASHPAYS services ltd 

Acct No: 0588877945

Bank: GTB 

All payments for any trash purchase should be made after agreement of price between buyer and seller and confirmation of product by the buyer. 

The seller should only release products to buyer after confirmation of payment from the TRASHPAYS admin. 

No cash payment is to be made directly to any seller or agent as TRASHPAYS would not recognize such payments. 

Payment made directly to any seller or agent is strictly prohibited and would attract a ban from buying and selling on the TRASHPAYS online portal.

The seller would receive their monies for trash sale not later than 3 working days after trash sale transactions.


TRASHPAYS retains a 20 % commission ( 10% buyer 10% seller) on each trash sale transaction. 


TRASHPAYS would not be held liable for any payment or transaction conducted by any agent or trader outside the TRASHPAYS online platform.


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