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Sorted Plastic bottles for sale

Sorted plastic bottles for sale 

Pet Plastic Bottles

I sell bottle water plastic in pieces depending on how many you wants to buy. 

Plastic bottles

They are plenty bottles

Plastics for sale

They are all plastics,kept in a clean place and 50 plastic are ready to be sold.

Waste plastics

I want to sell waste plastics 3 to 7 bags

Plastic bottles for sale

I have a 50kg  sack bag filled with empty bottles for sale.

Fairly used shoes

Durable shoes that can be recycled.

Fairly used clothes

These are wearabke clothes without any torn parts.

electric cooker

electric cooker with glass surface and  four cooking space on it;with only two parts of the cooker working

Used books for recycling

Papers for recycling. It's a really big sack filled with paper

Plastic/PET bottles

I sell used plastic bottles, e.g coke, bottled water, etc


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